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About Us

Massage on Main has been providing the best therapeutic massage therapy to the Tri-County area for over 25 years. We are committed to providing the ideal environment for you to receive a quality massage at an affordable price. By working in direct contact with Chiropractic Arts Center, patients are ensured the best-possible all-around care, specific to their needs.

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What We Offer

Providing a well-rounded therapy, tailor-made to client's individual needs

Massage Therapy

Spot Treatment

  • A quick and effective treatment 

  • Focuses on specific areas causing  discomfort

Invigoration Massage

  • A general full-body treatment 

  • Consists of compression, rocking, and stretching

  • Boosts circulation, aids cellular removal, and removes toxic wastes

  • Designed to ensure you leave feeling refreshed and awake

Full Body Relaxation Massage

  • Slow and meditative 

  • Addresses the entire body in a session

  • Promotes general relaxation, relieves muscular tension, and improves circulation and range of movement.


Discomfort Treatment Program

Depending on your needs, one or more of the following protocols will be used to alleviate your discomfort:

  • Sports Massage-treats injuries to the soft tissue and improves relaxation

  • Thai Stretching and Compression-therapist-assisted yoga stretching

  • Deep Tissue-focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue

  • PNF Stretching-improves muscle elasticity and range of motion through stretching and gentle resistance

Full Body Deep Tissue Massage

  • Targets the inner layers of muscular and connective tissue 

  • Treats injuries, pain, and stiffness in muscles and joints

  • Promotes faster healing of injuries

Deep Tissue Full Body Massage with Thai Stretching and Compression

  • Similar to Full Body Deep Tissue Massage, but includes Thai Stretching and Compression as well.

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3605 E. Main St. (Rt. 23), Morgantown, PA 19543, USA
Located 1 mile from the Pa Turnpike Exit 298

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3605 E. Main St. (Rt. 23), Morgantown, PA 19543

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